SKYLĖ band is a creative gathering which emerged in Vilnius during the historical Lithuania's turning-point at a time when Soviet Empire collapsed in 1991. Spread of alternative musical and poetical message based on philosophy, mythology and history – that was the main code from the very beginning and it still exists unchanged. The band has released 13 albums among which there's also music for events-performances. It is not easy to describe musical style of the band - at first being without charismatic Aistė Smilgevičiūtė the team was creating original poetic-musical elixir. Rock music base overgrew with elements of neo folk, punk, folk, art rock and other elements. When in 1997 Aistė joined the band, elemental Baltic tack in musical ant textual fabric began to show up. Instrumentation is constantly being colored by acoustic instruments (fiddle, accordion, flute, cello, kanklės (ancient Lithuanian stringed instrument), Jew's harp).
The leader of the band Rokas Radzevičius has extended Skylė's range of activity by collaborating in creation of rock operas and plays for environmental theatre. His ability to ignite with a single idea has attracted many talented personalities for mutual creation.