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Krepšelis (tuščias)


Musical mythological drama

A publication consists of a 32-page booklet and 2 CDs. A unique concert record held in Karmazinai mound site in 2015 can be found in the first CD and the variations and remixes of "Dūšelės" (Souls) songs that are done by various Lithuanian electronic music artists - in the second one.

Dūšelės (Souls) is a musical work about the soul‘s journey between this and other worlds, inspired by ancient Lithuanian beliefs about life and the afterworld, and how such beliefs survive and resonate in folk songs, fairy tales and traditions. In particular, we will give a sense of, and to, some of the most mysterious places in Baltic heritage, which lie at the heart of such mythology: ancient Lithuanian burial mounds.


Plot Summary

A Brother enters a forbidden place and is bitten by a guardian Snake. The Brother dies. His Sister decides to go on a quest for her Brother who has descended to the Nether World. By performing ceremonial rites, such as swimming through rivers and passing through mountains, she crosses the threshold between life and death and finds her way to the Nether World. There she meets the famished Souls of long-dead ancestors. The Sister feeds them on milk and honey and in return, the grateful Souls teach her the ancient incantation against a snake’s bite. Her way towards the Brother’s abode is illuminated by candles burning on the backs of crayfish. The Sister embarks on a nine year long journey, full of insurmountable tasks. Finally the Sister finds her Brother, recites the incantation that she has learned and revives him. The wind begins to blow, so the Sister sends a plea to all birds and asks each that comes to bestow her a feather as a gift. The Brother and Sister make wings out of the feathers and fly home with the help of the wind.

This work was conceived and realized by Rokas Radzevičius


CD1 DŪŠELĖS / SOULS • Live at the Karmazinai mound site

 1 • Gyvatės marškiniai / THE SNAKE’S SKIN 5:57
 2 • Eit sesulė vandenėlio / THE SISTER AND THE RIVER 5:51
 3 • Nėr kur dūšelei dėtis / NO PLACE FOR A SOUL 5:48
 4 • Man toli iki tavęs  / YOU ARE FAR AWAY 5:20
 5 • Pilkapių sniegas / SNOW 5:54
 6 • Vėlių daina / THE SONG OF SOULS 3:59
 7 • Dūšios gyvačių akim / SNAKE-EYED SOULS 6:44
 8 • Žvakės ant vėžių nugarų / CANDLES ON CRAYFISHES’ BACKS 5:37
 9 • Devynerius metus / NINE YEARS 4:58
10 • Pūsk, vėjau / BLOW, O WIND 6:36
Total duration: 56:47


CD2 DŪŠELĖS / SOULS • Post scriptum

 1 • Man toli iki tavęs / YOU ARE FAR AWAY Donis remix 6:56
 2 • Pilkapių sniegas / SNOW Martas B remix 5:20
 3 • Nėr kur dūšelei dėtis / NO PLACE FOR A SOUL Skroblas paraphrasis 8:16
 4 • Devynerius metus / NINE YEARS Martas B remix 8:27
 5 • Žvakės ant vėžių nugarų / CANDLES ON CRAYFISHES’ BACKS Šarūnas Kvaraciejus remix 4:29
 6 • Dūšelės 1 / SOULS 1 Jonas Jurkūnas paraphrasis 5:29
 7 • Devynerius metus/ NINE YEARS Donis remix 4:26
 8 • Dūšelės 2 / SOULS 2 Jonas Jurkūnas paraphrasis 13:03
 9 • Dūšelės 3 / SOULS 3 Jonas Jurkūnas paraphrasis 5:41
10 • Vėjo laiškas / WIND’S MESSAGE Skroblas + Donis paraphrasis 6:37
Total duration: 68:48
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