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The Legends of Vilnius (2001, Audio CD)


It is a fourth and the final musical drama done in collaboration with the artist and director Vega Vaičiūnaitė and her theater troupe “Miraklis”. In its genre it resembles “Saulės kelionė” (The Journey of the Sun) and “Žmogus ir Aušrinė” (The Man and Morning Star). The libretto, based on the well-known legends of Vilnius was written by the poet Liudvikas Jakimavičius. The characters were impersonated by such theater and music celebrities as Vytautas Kernagis (as Gediminas), Kostas Smoriginas (as Lizdeika), Olegas Ditkovskis (as Tvardauskis), Aistė Smilgevičiūtė (as Barbora), Lauras Smilgevičius (as Jaunuolis), Saulė Arlauskienė (as Saulė), Eglė Grigalaitytė (as Mergelė Uogelė). Moreover, it was a first attempt to record the album in the band’s own recording studio. The result, although a bit sloppy, was greeted and consumed with the enthusiastic apetite of the listeners at the Cathedral Square on the 25th of December in 2001.

The last track lasts for over twenty minutes. Unfortunately, the piece, which by the way mimics the instrumental improvisation style of The Doors, was not included in the show.

1.    Įžanga (Intro)
2.    Saulelė  (Little Sun)
3.    Siaubūnas (A Monster)
4.    Gedimino sapnas (Gediminas’s Dream)
5.    Gedimino ir Lizdeikos duetas (Gediminas’s and Lizdeika’s Duet)
6.    Aukojimas (The Offering)
7.    Žygimanto ir Barboros duetas (Žygimantas’s and Barbora’s Duet)
8.    Vedybos (Espousal)
9.    Barboros mirties arija (Barbora’s Aria of Death)
10.   Žygimantas pas magą Tvardauskį (Žygimantas goes to the Magician Tvardauskis)
11.   Pabaiga (The End)

Recorded at „SKYLĖ“ recording studio in October – December of 2001.
Sound engineer – Arūnas Petronis
Sound corrections – Jaunius Paulauskas

Music and production – Rokas Radzevičius
Libretto – Liudvikas Jakimavičius
Musical arrangements – SKYLĖ

SAULĖ – Saulė Arlauskienė
GEDIMINAS – Vytautas Kernagis
LIZDEIKA – Kostas Smoriginas
VILKAS – Mantvydas Kodis
SIAUBŪNAS – Rokas Radzevičius
MERGELĖ UOGELĖ – Eglė Grigalaitytė
JAUNIKAITIS – Lauras Smilgevičius
BARBORA RADVILAITĖ – Aistė Smilgevičiūtė
TVARDAUSKIS – Olegas Ditkovskis
PASAKOTOJAS – Rokas Radzevičius

Mantvydas Kodis – keyboards
Sergej Trofimov – bass guitar, double-bass, electric and acoustic guitars, programming;
Rokas Radzevičius – acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards;
Arūnas Gedmantas – horns;
Dainius Jucius – cello, keyboards;
Gintautas Gascevičius – drums.

Vocal ensemble SINTRA:
Gediminas Jakutis, Vida Jakutienė, Dainius Jucius, Jovita Jucienė, Tadas Radzevičius, Jūratė Vaičekauskaitė, Lauras Smilgevičius, Milda Laužikaitė, Arūnas Petronis, Žilvinas Abaravičius, Aistė Smilgevičiūtė

© Muzika Rokas Radzevičius, 2001
© Poetinis tekstas Liudvikas Jakimavičius, 2001