Our team

  • Aistė RadzevičienėSAMOGITIAN

    Lead songstress. Writes music and lyrics.

    The Chief‘s wife. Likes to address the nation under her maiden name – Smilgevičiūtė. Her feminine charms and knowledge of Latin secured her a permanent residency in Skylė. She is known for her modesty and for her affections towards the representatives of the opposite sex. In 1996 she founded a shelter for hippies in Karoliniškės, which at the time was frequented by the Chief himself. Later, she traded the company of flower children for the firm Radzevičius’s embraces. Since then she wrote a whole bunch of songs, including a musical fairy-tale Sakmė apie laumę Martyną (A Tale About the Pixie Martyna). Her most favorite activity is sleeping. Dormouse.

  • Rokas RadzevičiusThe CHIEF

    Singer, guitar player, songwriter, producer, ideologist. He breaks the walls and leads the way.

    In 1990 he founded Skylė, which turned into a whole movement that accelerated over time. His love for women resulted in many of his songs being dedicated to them. He is the first Lithuanian male feminist. He stopped painting for pleasure and avoids wasting time watching television. On bright August nights he likes to roll-wrestle with Blacksmith the Fundamentalist. In winter, while healing his wounds, he manages to find time to work out strategies. Bird – eater.

  • Mantvydas KodisGrey Cardinal

    Plays keyboard and accordion. Wrote music and lyrics for a few hits.

    The Chief’s brother in arms since kindergarten. He has a swift and critical ear, a bright mind and a fat wallet. He he provided the band with necessary equipment and financed some of the recordings. Although sometimes he might seem a bit stolid, in life he acts drastically. He can be very persistent and likes sipping sublime drinks in a sublime manner. Friends gently call him Mantvydėlis. Vegetarian.

  • Kęstutis Drazdauskas"DRAZDUTIS". Women Ploughman

    Plays flute and sings back vocals. Flies from the stage.

    He was absorbed by Skylė in 1994, within the cellars of the Philological Department at the Vilnius University. Being the president of the philological club, he managed to procure a rehearsing space in the underworld of Vilnius University.

    He has a hairy chest, some qualities of a talented showman and a fair addiction to women. His agile nature was glorified in Skylė’s song Drazdutis. He tried to extinguish his restless tendencies by working for Hollywood and shooting Robin Hood, but later traded it for a company of Kazakhs. Perhaps one day he will claim the title of the Lithuanian movie baron. Frontman.

  • Gediminas Žilys


    Kankliuoja, virpina bosinę gitarą ir dambrelį.
    Kaip ir dera dvasinių sferų atstovui, į grupę 2009 m. buvo atvestas Praamžio piršto per keistų įvykių grandinę. Iš karto apgaubė grupės narius rūpesčiu bei atsidavimu muzikai. Tikras partizanų vaikaitis, vien savo buvimu pakėlė kovinę dvasią. Kiekviename Lietuvos kampelyje yra numatęs po žeminę, kuria reikalui esant skylėnai galėtų pasinaudoti. Labai imlus asmeninei informacijai apie pačius įvairiausius žmones, jo galvos duomenų banke be kita ko glūdi ir pora tūkstančių sutartinių.
    Laikosi nuomonės, kad moteris reikia nurenginėti iš lėto.

  • Salvijus ŽeimysStimburys

    The band member since 2009. Drum set obeys him.

    Salvijus, not without some initial hesitation, gradually moved his fancy drum set into the windowless cellars. During rehearsals, when he opens ‘all the valves’, it feels as if Skylė is planning on taking all stages of metal festivals by storm. Kindly requested by the Chief, however, he displays some tenderness and grabs softer bamboo sticks instead. Quite recently he has surprised everyone with his acting talent – during a concert tour he played the role of the vampire-farmer Ernestas. Very fastidious. And a connoisseur.

  • Enrikas Slavinskis


    Į  Skylę įkrito tiesiai per Vilko vartus 2015 metais. Dar ankstyvoj jaunystėje apšilęs metalo kapelijose Soul Stealer, Obtest, Degradatonia, bei tapęs gitaristų čempionu konkurse „Gitarų šėlsmas 2014“, tvirtais gitaros kirčiais ilgam įsirėžė Skylėnų gretose. Be gitaros turi ir kitų talentų: groja pianinu, rašo orkestruotes, kuria dainas, padeda parduoti nekilnojamą turtą. Svajoja sukurti hitą Apie Mergaitę.